MultiFunctional Environmental Token
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MFET is a green blockchain company that develops and funds new generation projects and collaborates with each company that would like to position itself as environmentally friendly in order to provide a better city life.

Improving urban life with the awareness of individuals.

Creating a global ecosystem that supports projects created for a sustainable urban life by using power of companies and communities.

On these days as demands are changing with the increase in consumption needs as a result of the globalizing world, the destruction on the environment and natural resources is increasing as well. This destruction causes some outcomes with irrevocable effects such as destruction of natural balance, climate change, decrease in underground waters and drought. As a eco-friendly and sustainable project supporter token, MFET is an ecosystem that consults companies in their environmental studies.

The token that constitutes one of the cyrptocurrencies is a value that is not built on independent block chains and is used by being integrated into available block- chains. The token which is created by using blockchain of another cyrpto-currency has a unit value and can be traded over this value.

The green economy is a system that aims to reduce environmental risks and ecological scarcity and aims at sustainable development without harming the environment. Green economy which is defined as "one that results in improved human well-being and social equality, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities" is a new economical model in which low-carbon and limited sources are effectively used and loss of bio-diversity and ecosystem is prevented.
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