Green Economy

The new order discourse "Green Economy", that emerged as a solution to industrialization and development processes, unlike the studies carried out to prevent environmental pollution and destruction of nature, which has been the subject of discussion for many years, has brought a new breath to traditional development and growth understandings.
Against the risks posed by global warming and climate change, which occur as a natural result of environmental destruction, sustainable development represents an important step that cannot be ignored for the more efficient use of natural resources and a more livable life in the future.The green economy is a road map for this step.
According to the report published by UNEP in 2011, the aim of the green economy, which was brought as a critical approach to the dominant economic ideology, has been stated as “an economic model that significantly reduces environmental risks and ecological scarcity while ensuring human well-being and social equality”.
In this sense, Green Economy establishes an important link between economic growth and environmental sustainability, and financial policies have a key role in the transition to a green economy.
MFET, which has been developed by taking all this process into consideration, is an ecosystem token that uses blockchain technology to provide energy efficiency, source sustainability and expand of renewable energy by putting eco friendly green economy in its center.