CEO Letter

Dear Partners,
For a long time now, our world has been sending us messages about the global climate crisis and the extreme natural phenomena that are an extension of it. Issues such as increasing carbon footprint, pollution and diminishing resources are making the headlines.
We put MFET's vision above commercial goals and concerns.
The greatest of our concerns is the disruption of the cycle of our world that we thought was unshakable.
With MFET, we work for the ideal of a society that uses its resources consciously. We develop projects for an improved urban life.
We are proud to be a company that "measures and reduces the carbon footprint we create in the air, soil and water".
It's inspiring to look back a year ago and see how far we have come. Our primary focus has been from the very beginning: Creating a sustainable life cycle.
Therefore, we continue our efforts to shape our industry, to encourage it to be sustainable and to raise environmental awareness. Together, we can create a more livable tomorrow by building the future today.
Best regards
Murat Tosun