CTO Letter

Dear Hodlers,
Blockchain has brought new horizons to technology. When used correctly, it offers transparency, accessibility and ease of scale, making it a priority choice in many projects.
Blockchain technology, which entered our lives with Bitcoin, actually offers much more than crypto assets. Although it has not yet shown its potential with its principle of decentralization and immutability, it makes us all feel stronger every day.
On the other hand, the carbon footprint problem has also started to make itself felt strongly enough. If we don't take action, experts say that we may reach a point of no return.
As MFET, we have taken on a task at one of the most important points in the carbon footprint issue. We are developing important projects for the measurement and awareness of carbon footprint in air, land and water. We utilize the power of blockchain technology in these projects.
MFET's contributions in the field of smart contracts and its efforts to measure and reduce carbon footprint have been strengthened with blockchain technologies. The MFET you keep in your wallet reduces the carbon footprint of the blockchain.
We thank all our stakeholders for their contribution to the development of these technologies.
Best Regards
Musa Can Minaz