Paulownia Forests

The main objective of MFET is to measure, scale, raise awareness and reduce the carbon footprint. One of the most important activities to reduce carbon footprint is planting trees. The most prominent tree in the fight against carbon footprint is the Paulownia tree.
The Paulownia tree absorbs 10 times more carbon than other trees in total, while releasing 4 times more oxygen into the atmosphere. Thus, it reduces the carbon footprint and greatly alleviates the carbon burden of the atmosphere.
As MFET, we have created a large forest of Paulownia trees, which are highly efficient in terms of oxygen, on an area of 200 decares in Saruhanlı district of Manisa. With thousands of Paulownia trees that continue to grow within our organization, we are reducing not only our own carbon footprint but also the carbon footprint of many famous actors, phenomena, football players and sports clubs.
Our company targets a significant income from the sale of timber from these industrially planted areas. Our projects and MFET are funded by one of the rarest assets in the universe, the "Tree".