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How is a Carbon Footprint Formed?

There are many factors that cause carbon emissions. These can be listed as follows:
The aggregate of activities such as industrial processes, transportation, fossil fuel use, heating and cooling, and electricity use consumes a lot of energy and increases CO2 emissions.
Transportation is one of the main factors that increase the carbon footprint. The most prominent mode of transportation among these elements is the plane. Airports and air travel emit more carbon dioxide than other forms of transportation.
Carbon, which is present in the composition of fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas, which are called primary fossil fuels, is released into the atmosphere by combining with oxygen as a result of combustion.
A large percentage of the energy consumed in buildings is consumed for heating and cooling purposes. Since fossil fuels are the preferred energy type, the carbon footprint is increasing.
Carbon emissions occur as a result of time spent on the Internet. This is called a digital carbon footprint. Especially sending and receiving e-mail increases the digital carbon footprint considerably.
As a result, we release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere as a result of most of the activities we do. In many activities that a person does to meet his needs, he consumes energy that emits carbon dioxide. Therefore, as the energy consumed increases, the CO2 emitted also increases.