Q1 / 2022

-Corporate Identity was Prepared
-MFET Main Contract was Prepared and Tested and Printed on Mainnet
-NasaDoge to MFET Conversion Contract Prepared
-NasaDoge to MFET Conversion Finished
-Project Preparations Started to Present to Companies
-Existence Research in the Metaverse Universe was Conducted
-Metaverse Games were Planned
-Whitepaper was Prepared
-Website Goes Online
-Mobile Applications Uploaded to TestFlight
-The First Version of he App, 0.1, is Released on Google Play and IOS
-MFET Promotional Videos Prepared
-Accounts Opened on all Social Media Platforms (Bitcoin Talk, Medium, Reddit, Instagram, Twitter, GitHub, Facebook, Discord)
-Airdrop Events Designed
-An Environmental Diary was Created to Identify Important Days
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